Our Core Values

GigaKnot Geodesic

At GigaKnot Geodesic, we want every employee to bring their true self to work each day. We strive to bring diverse perspectives into our workforce. This enables us to engage in meaningful, effective debate and problem solving. 

We expect every employee, from our former CEO to our 2023 Fall Intern Cohort, to follow our core values. These principles drive everything we do at GigaKnot, and set the tone for a game-changing workplace. Here are all six of our core values:


Every word, every action, and every decision we make is a reflection of our brand, so we emphasize honesty and fairness as our two-sided North Star. If we can’t look at ourselves in the mirror and say, “this is the right call,” then we’re going to pivot in another direction until we find the best solution for all.


We’re disruptors at heart. We want our team members to take risks, break things, and push the business forward. But we also want each of them to take ownership of those hard-to-reverse decisions and understand the consequences. We hold each other accountable for bringing our best selves to work every day. Our on-site building security team is a marked example of this value. We rely on each other, particularly after recent events, to maintain a safe work environment.


Sometimes the best solution is the easiest. Don’t over-engineer a rocket ship to Chicago when a Model T will get you there just fine. We believe you can’t teach this mindset, you’ve got to be born with it. That’s why we administer an aptitude test for every applicant seeking employment at GigaKnot. Our trade-secret test gives us a leg-up on the competition by weeding out the overthinkers and problem dumpers. 


We welcome people of all backgrounds to the GigaKnot family—it’s what makes us “we”. Diversity doesn’t just make good business sense, but also, it makes computational sense. The more diverse information we feed our systems, the better they analyze our customers and their deepest desires. We’re sure to find a place for everyone who walks through our doors. Note that GigaKnot expressly forbids vampires from applying.


We thrive together when we remember this simple fact of life: that all of us will one day be laid in the grave, sharing the same dirt, fed to the same worms. Being mortal is an essential part of who we are, so we celebrate it! Vampires wouldn’t get it, and frankly, they would disrupt the culture we’re trying to build. Your hard-earned lunch breaks should be free from the fear of seeing some pasty guy sharpening his fangs on a whetstone by the microwave.


Jeff is the 19-year-old nephew of GigaKnot’s former CEO John Leguizimo. He’s kept in a locked utility closet on the third floor. Once a day, an employee is selected by randomized lottery to bring Jeff his lunch. For lunch, Jeff is usually given a squirrel, mouse, or, if he’s particularly thirsty, a stray cat. The designated employee is to bring the creature alive. Pre-terminated animals are allowed on rare occasions (such as a roadkill deer that was struck on the way to work). After Jeff is finished with his meal, the employee must discreetly discard the bloodless corpse in a neighboring dumpster (the A&P next door is a popular choice). Jeff is not allowed out of his utility closet after the Christmas party incident, so please keep the padlock secured at all times. 

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