the hungry man

I'm not trying to die today

No I'm not trying to kill

But the hungry man is here

With a hole to fill

He caught a stray from around the way

Didn't see it coming that day

Protest his violence

Pretend and pray

Time is slipping away

If you know how it ends

When the bottle of medicine is through

(Threw it away)

And the battle for Waterloo we lost

(Lost and found in love)

The love I had and what it cost

Lord Jim sailed the Malay way

He took his lead in the chest

So forgive the shame and guilt

That's all in the past

Fill it in with your dirt and sin

Heaping stacks of cigarette ash in the wind

Poor man spilled his Irish

Last call called too soon

One more story or two

Dozing whore

Not much more a man can do

When he's barreling toward you

How can it be

I had eyes but couldn't see

The cliche was a sad truth