last breath

When work is done 

And the party's just begun

Step inside for a minute

Then I'll hit it

Show my face

You know why I'm here

Smiles and cheers

Silent tears

Fun is over

Music hot

Really not my type

But right behind the stereo

Her I know

I was only sojourning

Just passing through

Then I saw you

An embarrassment

Too many people who don't know my name

That's why I came

Is anyone here awake

Wonder where she went

'Cause I can't see her through these stylish shades

And this leather's American made

Thought you might appreciate


Listen to me

If you're here to get loose

I'm the goose

Clouds of dust

Stupid vaporizers

Sprawled out on the floor

I'll step on one for sure

Fun is over

Before I go

One last thing I want to know

Who's this transcendental chick

She doesn't fit

With all you losers

You can't even see

This is the one for me