2. men of the sleeve

I’m not ashamed of dreams I’ve had

I raise a token, gilded and strapped

Construction bids, I’m building a ring

Intergrafting men of the sleeve

A corner thing we traded for cash

We moved against Brusuelas from west of Ash

Sat on the stash and boxed in the king

Two barrel clicks make a man convincing

Oh, it’s nice to be seen

To be stepping in through a door held open

When the madam leaves

Half a life spent chetwynd chasing speed

And temptresses divesting stock and key

(Divesting stock and key, divesting stock and key)

Oh it’s nice to be seen

Oh, this life doesn’t hold

But I’m nothing sweet for the black suits listening

When I’m on the phone

Shimmer girls and soldiers know the code

Caution takes the fun out of the gold

(Fun out of the gold, fun out of the gold)

Whisper, shadow and gurkha smoke

The wicked children run Heaton Street

We’ll cross them off the list next week

They run a game on trixies come from uptown

Bring too much heat when the count’s still down

I’d love to be out there cracking heads

But now I delegate from behind a desk

The corporate thing keeps my Brunellos like new

Progressive discipline, performance reviews

Oh, Jim Cagney and me

The difference lies in the storm drain, face down

Fate I’ll never see

Half a life hell bent and swingin’ free

Rolling up men of the sleeve

COMMENTS: two new associates are forced to sit through the old man's "back in my day..."